From bird houses to tree houses, Matt has been crafting with wood since he was a boy growing up in Vermont. Then with $400 dollars and a backpack, Matt headed to California 5 days after receiving his high-school diploma. 

At the age of 18, Matt was introduced to Dave Hannaford, an accomplished furniture and lamp maker. Matt says that Dave not only taught him the basics of fine furniture making but most importantly the philosophies of the fine furniture craft.

As an apprentice, from 1996-1999 Matt was mentored by two of the countries top furniture makers. After completing his apprenticeship, Matt worked with Berkeley Mills, a world renowned manufacturer of high end furniture.

“When I first moved to California in 1996 I was introduced to Andreas Strieve, the owner of Gallery M, a fine furniture gallery in Half Moon Bay.” Matts work continues to be represented by Gallery M.

After living in Northern California for 13 years Matt moved to Colorado. Matt set up shop in Colorado and after 3 years he moved back home to Vermont to continue making one of a kind custom pieces of furniture.

Matt and his family live and work in rural Vermont. Matt teaches woodworking and furniture at a local private high school and builds for clients worldwide including California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, Nevada, Wyoming, Vermont, New Hamshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Florida, Virgina, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Canada, France, England, Ireland, Bahamas, Japan and New Zealand.